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About us

About us

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We've been in the business of digital marketing and graphics design software since 2005. We have launched successful global brands in this industry such as:


We recently launched a totally different type of business than we did before and we kind of went back to the roots. Back to the basis of living. Growing Food.


So we set sail in the blueberry business, and right after we started the first harvest we realized that if we focus on the best quality and create good long lasting connections we are on the right path to success.


In 2019-2020 we planted our first 27ha and in 2022 we added another 13ha.

Our focus

Our focus

To become a reliable global supplier of blueberries, while focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.

Receiving the following industry certifications guarantees top quality:

GGN 4063061733733

Packing & cold storage

Packing & cold storage

Our state of the art packing and cold storage facility ensures that our berries are packed and stored under the best possible conditions, enabling us to deliver to our customers the highest quality on the market.

Maintaining this quality is our number one priority through the whole production, storage and delivery process. All the premises including fruit reception, packing line, corridors and loading area are temperature controlled to avoid condensation or formation of bacteria.

Standard packaging forms range from punnets, in 125, 150, 200,250 and 500 grams; with a lid, with or without insert, clamshell containers or bulk packaging. In addition packaging  can be made according to customer wishes and specifications, or the customer can supply their own packaging.

Key roles


Gabriel Ciordas

CEO / Owner


George Miclos

Project Manager


Arnold Voisz

Farm Manager

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